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Proeffico team has exposure to working with Health care clients, provided cloud based solutions for clients which helped them in achieving efficiencies in running clinic operations, streamlined customer communications.

Industries we serve

About Procliniq

Procliniq is a complete clinic management solution for all health professionals. Discover tailored solutions with ProClinic ( Seamlessly manage clinic operations across multiple locations, revolutionise patient communication, and rest assured knowing your data is exclusively yours.


Telecom (OSS/ BSS)

Empowering telecom providers with advanced cloud-based OSS/BSS solutions, optimising network operations, and enhancing customer experience for unmatched efficiency.

Saurabh Agarwal, Proeffico Founder has 15+ years experience in Telecom OSS / BSS solutions working with clients like Verizon, Tata Communications Pvt Ltd, Atyaf, Eircom and many more..




Revolutionising manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions, optimising production workflows, and enhancing operational agility for peak efficiency.Transforming manufacturing with Proapp: Our digital backbone powers seamless operations. Proeffico’s end-to-end supply chain automation solution unites stakeholders on a cloud-based platform, from factories to distributors, depot warehouses, dealers, and users.



Transforming pharmaceutical operations with innovative cloud-based solutions, streamlining regulatory compliance, and accelerating research and development for superior outcomes. Optimising pharmaceutical distribution centres entails implementing advanced technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency and precision in inventory management across procurement, sales, invoice tracking, order fulfilment, customer support, dispatch, delivery, and intelligent reporting functions.


Supply Chain

Revolutionizing supply chain management through advanced cloud-based solutions, optimizing logistics, and fostering seamless collaboration across the ecosystem for superior efficiency.

E-Connect: Enhance customer relationships and engagement through our dynamic platform, enabling personalized interactions, feedback mechanisms, and streamlined communication channels.



Transforming retail operations with innovative cloud-based solutions, streamlining inventory management, and enhancing customer interactions for maximised productivity. Introducing ProlificApp: A retail management app,, seamlessly integrates with existing POS software, facilitating mobility-driven operations tracking and automated updates for supplier and customer ledgers. It offers multi-store management capabilities from a centralized platform, fostering customer engagement and transparency while minimizing revenue losses through process optimization.



Empowering financial institutions with cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, optimizing transactions, and elevating customer engagement for unparalleled efficiency
Mavi: Revolutionize loan management with our cutting-edge software, ensuring precision, efficiency, and seamless borrower experiences from application to repayment.
Edhanam: Empower your investment strategies with our comprehensive management software, offering insightful analytics, risk assessment, and portfolio optimization tools.



Elevating institutional capabilities with transformative cloud-based solutions, facilitating seamless data management, and enhancing collaboration for enhanced outcomes. E-Learning Platform: Unlock a world of knowledge with our comprehensive e-learning solution, featuring informative blogs, interactive tutorials, and advanced learning tools designed to empower users in their educational journey.



Revolutionize your corporation with cutting-edge cloud solutions, driving seamless processes and interdepartmental connectivity for maximum productivity. Our innovative face recognition-based attendance system redefines payroll automation, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Elevate your organization’s capabilities with our tailored AI suite, from document-based chatbots to WhatsApp automation, optimizing efficiency across all operations.

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